Global Leader in Inner Health Management

Metropolis is a global leader in blood tests, diagnostics and wellness services. With operations across India, Africa, South Asia, and Middle East, we are trusted by over 30 million customers for their inner health.

Our globally accredited state-of-the-art medical laboratories deliver millions of tests every year with utmost accuracy - because we recheck, recheck, recheck until we get 100% accurate results for you.

  • Most Advanced labs
  • Globally certified NABL and CAP accredited labs
  • Most accurate reports accepted by over 200,000 doctors and hospitals
  • Widest range of 4,500+ tests – routine and specialized
  • 150+ scientific labs, 2,000+ technicians
  • Growing network of 1,500+ centers globally
  • Expert team for pediatric blood collection
  • Superb convenience of blood collection at home

Opt for Metropolis, Your Pathology Specialist

Metropolis: Edge

  • Most accurate reports
  • Reports trusted by 200,000 doctors and hospitals
  • Global & National Quality Accreditations – CAP (USA) and NABL, Govt. of India
  • Bar coded and automated process
  • Specific normal range for Indian population built from 35 years of experience
  • Sample collection from home/office

Metropolis: Experience + Expertise

Over the past 3 decades we have earned the respect of doctors and patients. Today we conduct over 30 million tests annually with accuracy each year. Our repertoire extends over 4,500 tests and over 100 different technologies. Our customer care is available round the clock for any queries that you may have.


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